HAOFENG PLANNING AND DESIGN GROUP is a comprehensive planning and design enterprise with complete specialties,professional team, abundant performance types, and obvious strength of core technologies.As a result from Chongqing Haofeng Design Firm established in 1995, Haofeng Design Group has experienced three phases in the past 18 years. The design firm was renamed to Chongqing Haofeng Ltd. Company of Planning Architecture & Landscape Design in 2003. In the same year, Haojian Planning Company and Haosheng Architecture Design Company have been established. based on these three companies, Haofeng Design Institute had been set up. In 2013, with the development of the market capacity and business expansion, we restructured the enterprise into Haofeng Design Group, and formed nine planning and design centers, they are Project Planning Center, Urban Planning Center, Tourism Planning Center, Architecture Design Center, Heritage Building Conservation Center, Urban L.A. Center, Tourism Area L.A. Center, Real Estate L.A. Center and Municipal Engineering Center.